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    I have tried many of the variation swatch plugins & your Advanced Coupons plugin doesn’t seem to work with any of them. Please advise as my client needs to run a coupon that gives away a variable product where the customer has to choose color & size. At the moment, i have setup the coupon & it works as required but on the checkout i cannot select color & size. If i disable variation swatch plugin, the drop-downs default style for variations works fine but the online store is setup with variation swatches as the client was not happy with the default drop-down.


    Variation Swatches Plugins may need JavaScript which are not injected on the cart/checkout pages, like in this topic, a method needs to be executed for the “Variation Swatches for WooCommerce” plugin. You can ask the developer of the swatches plugin to help out, or hire a developer. We can take a look at this if you want, please contact us at admin at

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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